Crikey, there is a lot of stuff coming up!

Back to working now, after taking the Long Weekend off.

So far I have achieved some minor work, plans now to work on H3Wheelmen Xbox Live integration stuff, which means is going to get its long awaited over haul.

That pretty much means complete rewrite and transferring it to CarlyonCMS, but that means I have to tag and release version1, which means work on – Leeds Student Radio which then needs porting to Shock Radio.

And goes back on air, on Monday, and currently the broadcast desk is in bits, took it apart this morning for repairs and maintenance.

So a busy week is to be had….

I also need to get on with some phpBB mods, that I have had on the back burner for a while.

Perhaps I should consider rebuilding the home web server.


That reminds me I have lots of coursework to get on with too. I had better start that.

So I shall sign off for now to go and start my work or my coursework, such fun!


On a different note, I enjoyed last nights GeekUp we had Dirk Ginader up from Yahoo! London to talk about Accessable Javascript, it was very interesting! Then there was drinking and that was good to!

I recorded it so ill listen back to that later.



So its the day after the SRA Conference.

Everything is done, it all packed down.

My xbox is home and I’m about to play Halo3.

I’ve caught up on my new Twitter Followers, but not my email.


I’ve had fun at the conference, running around like a loon, running all the Tech, even some of the technical glitches were fun!


Visuals Desk
Visual's Desk


Noise Desk
Noise Desk


Gotta love my office for the last three days ^^


Anywho, I am now the SRA Chart Co-ordinator, you’d better all be nice to me, or you station won’t be hosting the chart…….I joke


Laters all!


HAWX, GSoC, Work, Conference, A Summary of the Week!

Well GSoC 2009 first stage is done, applications are now closed, next point on the timeline is the 20th of April, where we find out if we have been accepted.


In other News Work today and Sunday is cancelled since HarderTimez is no longer rocking in the Terrace as well as Stylus. On the up side (sorta) Sage (my bosses Boss) have got us in early on Saturday (well um today), 14 hour shift anyone? (Start 3pm finish 5pm)


I purchased Hawx the other day for my Xbox360, enjoyed the demo. However the story might be a little short, finished in 8 hours, straight, on normal. So will up the difficulty and go again.

Flying with assistance off, is rather different, especially when in Expert Control Mode. But I digress.

Playing over LIVE is rather good too! Not tried Co-Op Yet tho.


Finally its the final two days of prep for the Nation Student Radio Conference, to be held at University of Leeds, with, and having been given a certain set of keys, life is a hell of a lot easier.


Anywho gonna get on Halo3 Over Live and do some Team Flag, thats this weeks DoubleEXP. Weekend!



Media GSoC Proposal Take 2

Its my GSoC Application for Wordpress Take2! Comments Please Have till 1900UTC to change this

MEDIA – Image Handling!



Direct from the Ideas Page:

“We’ll be looking to add things like slideshows, better gallery functions, creating more user settings for media files and templates”

Initially this will need consultation with the community to see what is needed, in terms of user settings.

Core to this however will be working on the ideas from

I envisage most of this project will be taking existing plugins and folding them into core wordpress, as dictated by the Users and Hackers of WordPress.

Recently been interacting with tumblr and I was fascinated by the experiment mat did, posting his tumblr post address, and the ability to upload images this way, so something similar allowing users to post images in comments to blog posts, could be interesting.


Schedule of Deliverables

GSoC is roughly a 13 week period

Week 1 – 2

Research and Information Sourcing, setting up development blogs.

Week 3 – 4

Work on Thumbnailing and the auto generation, within the browser uploader and the flash uploader, I have experience with flash and AS2/3

Week 5 – 7

Image tagging/working with taxonomy, this from to allow tag based galleries, as well as time based galleries.

Week 7 – 10

This block will form the bulk of the project

Gallery Functional, initially:

  • Simple gallery,

  • Date/Time Based Gallery, (images posted from a particular month),

  • Tag based gallery,

This leads to different gallery styles, including work with existing plugins, and their authors, to incorporate their work.

This will need to include making sure the new elements are easily includeable within other themes, easily and efficently.

Week 11 – 12

Currently spare time for code overflow.

Week 13

Documentation and Code Checking/Testing


Open Source Development Experience


I contribute (ir)regularly to phpBB, forum software, both as a “modder”, creating and supporting modifications/extra features and assisting users on the forum with posted problems about there own forum, been very busy at Uni this year, hence irregularly.

Last year for GSoC I was working with PHP, on the now aborted one bug tracker to rule them all.

I have/am in the process of building my own Open Source Content Management System written in PHP, CarlyonCMS.


Work/Internship Experience


Only freelance web development work, on stand alone sites and the Facebook Platform, for Applications.

And of course GSoC last year.

I also volunteer at Leeds Student Radio, I am currently Head of Web Development


Academic Experience


I am currently in my Second Year, studying New Media at the University of Leeds, UK.


Why WordPress?


Basically its difficult to find projects to match my skills set since GSoC tends to have projects that require code to run continuously not single run code like a website.

I nearly applied for WordPress last year, however I came in a little late and applied during the extended application period.



GSoC is an interesting platform, however it can be difficult to find a project, that fits my skill set, I’m not a programming in the sense that one builds a programme to run continuously, but more of a coder who builds websites.

I was the recent winner of the Gary Frisch Bursary for Software in radio, for my Open Source Content Management System, which currently runs the (Leeds Student Radio) website, ( This CMS (Carlyon CMS) I will use to form the basis of the web based Client.

I used to be able to program perl, but of late have not had the chane to practice it so my perl is rusty, I am currently learning Ruby on Rails and Coldfusion as well.

My aim in life is to continue working in the MultiPlatform Radio Environment in the UK, which is pretty much what I do at the moment as a Volunteer at where I am Head of Web Development.

Last year I was involved with the Now Aborted, One Bug Tracker to Rule them all Project over at PHP.

Work Examples: