OpenHackLondon 2009

OpenHackLondon, EPIC

Yahoo hack day, well what a weekend, started off in a team, got on the train down to London after and Epic Strip the Riley, followed by a Curry.

Whilst napping my team deserted me…. Not nice.

Got to London, tube, stole some wifi from the Radiisson Hotel.

Went into hackday, set up my machines:

Desk of HackDay with CardboardLaptopStands
Desk of HackDay with CardboardLaptopStands

Built a chair:

Watched some bands,

Yes that is a GameBoy
Yes that is a GameBoy

watched Blade Runner, And all three LOTR in order.

Ended up that me, phoenixrising, and Cauis built the twitter search API, but using YQL, so we didnt present it, but did/will be extending it to search other sites…

Then more bands and bean bag fun

Then came home again…..

And excellent weekend, learned a lot and lorward to going next time….

Things to Remember for next Year

Bring Headphones

Bring Wireless Router for table Intranet

Bring Speakers

Bring External Harddrive

Bring A Server

Make bigger Chair

Decide on team and Idea before arriving

3 thoughts on “OpenHackLondon 2009”

  1. It certainly was a great weekend! I think taking a wireless router next year is a must.

    I think we pioneered the distributed Mexican wave coordinated via IRC 🙂

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