So its the day after the SRA Conference.

Everything is done, it all packed down.

My xbox is home and I’m about to play Halo3.

I’ve caught up on my new Twitter Followers, but not my email.


I’ve had fun at the conference, running around like a loon, running all the Tech, even some of the technical glitches were fun!


Visuals Desk

Visual's Desk


Noise Desk

Noise Desk


Gotta love my office for the last three days ^^


Anywho, I am now the SRA Chart Co-ordinator, you’d better all be nice to me, or you station won’t be hosting the chart…….I joke


Laters all!

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  1. 13:37, 9th April, 2009WJ  / Reply

    Nice toys and um, fix this template.. the word block i am typing in is trying to go into a invs screen.. lol

    • 14:16, 9th April, 2009Barry Carlyon  / Reply

      It was a case of “I need this blog up now” for GSoC Purposes! Hence some theme bits fscked at the moment 🙂

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