Summer of Code is on, Horace Andy is off and You Do Talk About Barcamp


So I have finally recovered from the epic weekend that was Fruity, Tidy, and Slamdunk as well as Slam Dunk prep. when not working.

In the end Arrived at work at 11am Saturday (Tidy day) and left 3am Monday (after Slamdunk after Party), an epic Weekend.

Throughly enjoyed some of the music as well, I was running lights using Chamsys (MagicQ) on the Vans Stage, aka The Riley Smith Hall, no drinks of any kind thank you!

Best thing about my MagicQ was the remote desktop into the PC, running lights off my phone and netbook was good fun.

So The Slackers and King Blues were enjoyed, but AntiFlag were far too policitical (I now know what a Circle Pit is too).


So Today is day 4 of Google Summer of Code, so far done nothing for it. I lost Monday to sleeping (eventually out of bed by 5pm) Tuesday was clear the theatre day, Wednesday was getting office back in order, and today is Thursday, supposed to be doing the Horace Andy gig, lighting wise, however its been Cancelled.


So that takes us to, what am I going to do today, and Friday. Lets plan Summer of Code work, I’m working for GeekLog on a Syndication API, details to follow.


That then takes us to the Weekend, which is BarCamp Leeds 2009, part of Leeds Web Festival 2009. Should be good fun, at least is was last time, last years BarCamp let me discover geekery in Leeds, which has led to loads of new friends. And lots of werewolf playing.


So look out for lots and lots of Twittering this weekend on that.


Also I jsut remembered its my Boss’es leaving do on Friday so off to Grease Fruity, its  going to be EPIC!

And the Fruity dancers are coming as Pink Ladies too.


Right to GSoC Planning

Two Drums and a Cymbal Fall off a Cliff

When Two Drums and a Cymbal Fall off a Cliff do they make a RimShot sound? Tom Scott York Pirate found out

iPhone Shoutcast App.

Just a quick post to say,

OMG its the Shoutcast iPhone Application!

Shoutcast and LSR on the iPhone
Shoutcast and LSR on the iPhone

You have to turn on Hi-Bit streams in settings tho to listen to, it wouild appear out low quality stream is not in the index…..

OpenHackLondon 2009

OpenHackLondon, EPIC

Yahoo hack day, well what a weekend, started off in a team, got on the train down to London after and Epic Strip the Riley, followed by a Curry.

Whilst napping my team deserted me…. Not nice.

Got to London, tube, stole some wifi from the Radiisson Hotel.

Went into hackday, set up my machines:

Desk of HackDay with CardboardLaptopStands
Desk of HackDay with CardboardLaptopStands

Built a chair:

Watched some bands,

Yes that is a GameBoy
Yes that is a GameBoy

watched Blade Runner, And all three LOTR in order.

Ended up that me, phoenixrising, and Cauis built the twitter search API, but using YQL, so we didnt present it, but did/will be extending it to search other sites…

Then more bands and bean bag fun

Then came home again…..

And excellent weekend, learned a lot and lorward to going next time….

Things to Remember for next Year

Bring Headphones

Bring Wireless Router for table Intranet

Bring Speakers

Bring External Harddrive

Bring A Server

Make bigger Chair

Decide on team and Idea before arriving