Twitter @Anywhere, and the End of Halo 2

So there I was last night, watching a couple of streams, a Live Halo 2 stream and live coverage of Chirp, the Twitter Developers Conference.

My net was actually behaving for once, watching two Justin.TV streams, sending and receiving a Skype video chat, as well as uploading tracks to the Jukebox.

Today is the final day of Xbox Live existing for Original Xbox and Original Xbox Games, most predominately Halo 2, what this means is that you can still play the game locally, but you can’t go online via Xbox Live and play match making/custom games. They are going to turn those servers over to the Xbox 360 Network. Bungie News article about the end of Halo 2

So, no more Halo2, unless you’re a Xbox KAI user for example or LAN PARTY!!!!

I have been up all night and as of 9am BST (+1) this morning, the servers are still on, so get you’re Halo 2 on!

Back to Twitter/Chirp, Twitter has launched their new Developers website, which essentially brings together the API documentation, the Oauth application registration, and API status pages to a single location.

Twitter also spoke about @Anywhere which essentially allows you to integrate some aspects of Twitter into your website, thru the use of a single javascript call.

You can allow users to tweet from your website, automatically convert any @username to the new hovercards. See the example from @abraham on (His Site).

And then allow users to follow you, without bouncing to twitter, other than a popup to authenticate you to twitter and allow the Anywhere App access.

Check Anywhere out at and checkout what The Guardian are doing with it.

On a unrelated point, when you login to Justin.TV via twitter, it is automatically posts anything you put in the video chat box, to your twitter account, along with links to what you are watching, bit of a spam fest, if you a) don’t know about it and b) forget to turn it off. But it led to this: Read and LOL

Motion Graphics Audio Sourcing

Some YouTube Audio Sourcing

Just been doing a quick hunt for audio, whilst I finish my story board for my motion graphics project, and I’m going with some audio from 2001 A Space Odyssey.

First YouTube result, was interesting, since apart from containing the audio I was after, its a Adobe After Effects CS3 remake of the opening.

Comparing that to the original, its quite a faithful reproduction…

Anyway back to finishing my storyboard, but given that both of these is a minute long, or so, still need a further 2 minutes of audio….

Then again I might change the order of elements, since I am making a advert for firefox or chrome (I can’t remember which one I put in my brief, so should probably dig that out…. and check).

Anywho in other news, my other project is coming along nicely, the new games module for 360gaming [dot] net, now gathers data from and Wikipedia. All thru async. jQuery.

WIll be posting about that another time.

Halo Reach is coming

Halo Reach and its “All-Encompassing Player Investment System”

So Halo Reach the Beta multi-player is just over a month away.

And this caught my eye on the twitter feed as retweeted by @Bungietweets from @TheFeed

Halo Reach and its “All-Encompassing Player Investment System” looks quite good, but will be interested to see it in use when the times comes

Long Time Since I blogged

A General Update….

Again, its been a while. Things have been pretty busy.

Currently I just fixed the Podcasts, they were downloading a minute or two of audio the PHP was dying, FAST CGI php5 was being ghey.

So after a quick chat with Dreamhost over live chat, my script now rather than munch the file, just passes it off to a http location, less of a memory muncher too.

SRAchart is its usual self, tho we did get a full house of Charts last week, (well near enough), Ellie Goulding and Owl City are dominating, and Glee Started Charting too.

(Yes I am a Glee Fan)

Handed in the Motion Graphics Brief.

So Uni Wise I just need to sit down and code code code, both for Project 2 (ala enhancements), and start planning and researching what I need for project 2.

And start writing an essay for Futures and Strategies, fun times.

I’ve not had any spare time to play Halo, tho the Reach Beta has been announced! Hurrah!

Now I must get back to coding stuff for fixed the Jukebox, now to do the music db, tho I do have a nice IRC bot sat in the new Chatbox

Also <3 jQuery....

Life Since the last Post

Yes, I’m still rubbish at updating my blog regularrly.

Yes, I’m rubbish at updating my blog.

So its the new year and suppose I should keep up with it.

In recent news I am no longer single, I go out with the Wonderful Kayleigh.

I’m currently sat at my temporary desk in Stage @ Leeds, (just finished painting a Door Blue and waiting for it to finish drying) – Leeds Student Radio is ticking over.

Just did a massive 19 hour shift over New Years for Wax:On over at LUU, quite good fun, running the lights in the Terrace again, didn’t blow up the rig this time which is always a bonus, last time I blew a Atomic 3000, and it tripped the whole rig out….. We think its a manufacturing fault.

So coming soon, back to degree!

Which means 360gaming [dot] net is gonna get some work done to it finally…. Its my project for my degree, bonus!

Tho I should really get on with Data Mining’s essay and my Critical Thinking Essay, total of 6000 words to write by the 14th.

Off to meet the guys from for SRA Chart stuff this weekend.


I have a 17″ on its way to me!

So stay tuned for new Mac goodness! As well as regular updatage!