ooooh a JPG, #GSoC2010 for the Visually Oriented

oooh a JPG!

So there I was doing nothing constructive, watching some South Park. Then checking the new Ustream feed, found the jukebox had failed over, bloody Flash leaking like a whore. So went to remote into my Laptop which is running everything whilst we are offline for Easter. It works thru a high numbered port for VNC access, the only problem is the port is open on my firewall, but not on the University Firewall, only taken me a day and a half to realise this.

So fixed that, and went to IRC to loiter for a bit, and some in the #GSoC channel, did a !timeline, which makes the bot output links to the timeline. Someone has made (in the last few days) a nice Graphical Timeline: I was ooooh a JPG!

Click for the Full version!

This should be how my summer goes, if I get accepted 🙂

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