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GSoC 2010 – WordPress Bug Tracker

As part of my Google Summer of Code 2010 project with WordPress, I’m keeping a blog over there as well!


My first post a quick introduction is over at http://gsoc2010.wordpress.com/2010/05/18/barry-carlyon-introduction/

Feedback welcome!

GSoC, WordPress and ME!

So I have been accepted onto GSoC for another year!

This year I am working on a Bugtracker, using WordPress as a base, probably working on top of WordPress 3, need to discuss this with my mentor, but I’ve not been well the last couple of days, which was hell for the Station Manager Presentations (well done to @RichLegate btw), and thus I didn’t go to Plasa, tho I am feeling better now 🙂 Hurrah!

Handed in my coursework/dissertation this afternoon!

Now just a Motion Graphics video to finish, and a essay to write.

Not forgetting a dissertation presentation….. Fun

ooooh a JPG, #GSoC2010 for the Visually Oriented

So there I was doing nothing constructive, watching some South Park. Then checking the new LSRfm.com Ustream feed, found the jukebox had failed over, bloody Flash leaking like a whore. So went to remote into my Laptop which is running everything whilst we are offline for Easter. It works thru a high numbered port for VNC access, the only problem is the port is open on my firewall, but not on the University Firewall, only taken me a day and a half to realise this.

So fixed that, and went to IRC to loiter for a bit, and some in the #GSoC channel, did a !timeline, which makes the bot output links to the timeline. Someone has made (in the last few days) a nice Graphical Timeline: I was ooooh a JPG!

Click for the Full version!

This should be how my summer goes, if I get accepted 🙂

#GSoC 2010 – My Applications

So for Google Summer of Code 2010 I’m applying for two Organizations, GeekLog and WordPress.
Both are PHP based, and are primarily MySQL.
Both meet my skill sets and use Object Orientated Programming, so hopefully anything I learn/develop I can fold back into CarlyonCMS. Win 🙂

GeekLog, I have applied to work on the Email Queue needs and Core Notifications, sending subscription emails and the like to end users. Email Queue I have knowledge of since LSRfm.com can only send 600 emails per hour… (Its a Spam Thing). So the LSRfm.com Megalist, sends upto 400 emails per hour. Subsequently this queue system is part of Carlyon CMS.

WordPress I am applying for two separate projects.

Taken from the ideas page, I’ve selected Trac Annihilation (still can’t spell Annihilation, thank God for spell checkers), and the Bugtracker.

Bugtracking I have experience on, having seen and worked on the Bugtracker for PHP for GSoC 2008, (woo go me I have bcarlyon [at] php.net as a email address (Update: Hmm it doesn’t appear to work anymore :sadface: (Update 2 I think they purged it when PHP moved to SVN over CVS))), which was good fun and a learning experience.

(As part of the WordPress application you need to document your application on a WordPress powered blog….)

WordPress, as a publishing platform, should lend itself easily to being adapted to become a BugTracker, since the main elements, like categories, posting and comments, already exist, simply moving a b(lo)ug post, from one category to another would make it open/closed/assigned etc.
The interesting part here would be the interaction with SVN, and the need to extra data from Commits or source files.

My other WordPress application for Trac Annihilation (got it right that time), involves working on and closing as many open tickets as possible, since with the advent of WordPress’es beta the number of tickets is gonna rocket.
Essentially this is just a matter of munching thru as many tickets as possible and closing them, after solving them.
Which would be good fun and a great learning experience.

I just hope one of the three accepts me, or I could end up with a Summer of nothing big to do…..