JetPack Summary 2011

So popped open my emails on January 1st to find an email from JetPack. JetPack being a collection of plugins from WordPress to install on Self hosted blogs, that among other things includes a stat tracker.

The email in question was something that JetPack had automatically generated as an Annual Report on views of my blog.

You can see mine here.

Quite an interesting read, and I’m not really surprised that my some of my most popular posts are from 2010, really just means I need to blog more. (Hence really the reason for writing a blog entry about it, since I do aim to post more now)

But the most interesting thing of all, is the little Fireworks jQuery plugin, which WordPress have also released as open source for others to use and play with. Included on the review page includes a nice little stats/current plugin output to show you how effective/how well its all running.

My Google Chrome is currently scoring 4%, but my iPad safari clocks in at 30% (but then I do have a lot of tabs open right now).

It’s a nice way to review your blog from the year, so it you are running JetPack, its worth a read.

But it is really just a bit of a sales gimmick when you get to the bottom and see what WordPress has planned.
Looks like its going a bit more Tumblr-y. We shall see

Jetpack by WordPress

So at work today we have this posted in our communal chat.

Took at look at the site. Figured out what it was. Its a nice little collection of plugins that Automattic make bundled into one plugin, the idea being that these are the plugins installed on Hosted blogs over at I only used the site stats plugin, (since the whole package is available as separate plugins), which out of them all is the only one that needs linking to WordPress, so makes you wonder why after installing JetPack I need to link up to when the only plugin from the pack that needs it is already linked…..

Anywho that aside its a nice little plugin with a nice interface:

So hats off for that and the simple ness of installing. Just a shame that according to FAQ’s all the stand alone plugins are coming to a end and users will need to get JetPack in the future.

On a side note I tested the plugin on a separate domain and got this:

Twas nice of JetPack to deactivate the old/current stats plugin I had installed to stop conflicts 😀