Motion Graphics

Upcoming on this Blog: Motion Graphics, ala Degree Coursework.

Part of my degree is to create a 3-4 minute project, using Adobe After Effects.

So this is the first of many blog entries on the Subject. This blog (under this category) will form part of my project entry, (5% in fact), as a production journal.
So any comments will come in handy!

Currently I’m slightly add odds, but have a thought of creating a advert for Firefox or perhaps google chrome.

Ultimately using shape and colour manipulation to merge the relevant browser logos to create the chrome one.

Perhaps starting the 3-4 mins with a quick browser history, Netscape anyone??? 😛

Watched Transformers (the first Michael Bay one) today and having watched Start Trek XI by J.J. Abrams, should be good inspiration for this project, in terms of technology.

Avatar might be a bit far…..

6 thoughts on “Motion Graphics”

    1. Remmber Opera….

      Opera is still going last time I checked, but have rolled out quite a few odd addons, some sort of server that lets you share stuff with other opera home users, (or whatever its called)…..

    1. IE is obvious, comes with Winblows, alebit in Windows 7 you get a helper app to download your browser of choice iirc (tho how does a Windows machine download something from the web without a browser?).

      These days I use Firefox for web building, gotta love the addos, and Chrome for general browsing.

      I find myself using safari a fair bit on my mac, since its nice to throw it in its own space (each browser is restricted to launching in one of my four spaces)

      So I have work areas on my mac, launching a new app keeps my work area tidy.

      It could be fair to say majority of people don’t care about what browser they use, as long as they are browsing the internet….
      Similar to the recent issue surrounding YouTubes, embracing of “Open Source” video using HTML 5, and closed source H264 codec…..

      Firefox wont take H264, as its not open source.

      Its been discussed on the BBC Backstage Mailing List, that people just want Video to work, similar thing on browsers perhaps.

      So users just use what the machine comes with….Given Microsofts market share, that means IE.

  1. see thats why Windows 7 has a browser app to save them court issues in Europe… but it doenst help that europen countries are telling people not to use it lol…

    Chrome hasnt been released for non windows has it?

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