EASTER, and Shutter Island

Easter is and and Shutter Island was watched.

So its Easter, #SRAcon is next week, and I have coursework to do!

Which means I need to finailize my story board for Motion Graphics (read as start), and work on 360gaming [dot] net which indirectly means work on CarlyonCMS.

Makes me think I should port my site to C’Cms…….

Anyway in recent news, I bought tickets to the wrong cinema so paid to see Shutter Island Twice. What a Monday that was! I was having a bad day, most of it I can’t/should not go into here…..

My brother was up for his 21st Birthday so off we went!

Was an off film, with an interesting story line, and now that I have had time to think about it the Shooting and continuity errors (in many places) make sense.
And interesting and difficult film to understand in places, but that is the nature of the film, since it does deal with delusions, I won’t spoil the story line but the twist can be quite revealing.

Leonardo DiCaprio acted well, a nice down to earth film in terms of special effects, it need a lot of thinking to understand. Tho the acting and dialogue at the end was a bit dodge or so the GF thought.

I enjoyed it, have you seen it? What do you think?