So it’s 2012 a new year and time to make those all important new years resolutions. It’s pretty simple for me this year, basically it comes down to sort life out.

Quite a lot of things are a bit half done, not running properly and in general a bit of a mess, my bedroom for example is a bit of a hell hole but I can get to my Xbox and my bed and that’s all I need. Buts that’s not how it should be.

So next year, well this coming year, I’m pledging to sort my life out. Starting with my room.

And of course to write on my blog more….
Hopefully with part of sorting my life out I’ll be able to play around with more side and personal projects which I’ll then in turn be able to write about.

Starting with Spotify Roulette and then a new version of jQuery coverflow.
Then some Minecraft things I think, but we will see!

Might do it in a different order or if a new project comes along…

And not forgetting keeping an eye out for more freelance work.