Halo Reach First Impressions

So first impressions, not too bad, I’ve not played enough to make a full analysis, but initially it looks and plays quite good.

Tho when I first got in the tank it got quite a lot of getting used to, as it drives a lot different.

Also the default control method is quite a bitch to get used to initially.

I spend most of my time using the Jetpack addon, tho enjoy the use of the invisibility, and running has its uses. Invisibility also messes up everyones radars too.
Tho I am yet to see the use of the lockdown, seems a bit vulnerable…I’ve mashed down enough opponents who have just come out of it….

So to more playing in the morrow. I’ll write a full review soon, just waiting for the other playlists to unlock!

In other news, I applied a patch to 360gaming [dot] net to allow captured and generate a flash video from a reach render (Halo 3 render already supported :-P)

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