GSoC WordPress Application!



These days media has become an important part of the web, mainly in terms of cross media and platform.


From twitter to facebook, and images to film, wordpress needs to support everything and anything in a simple to use and understand way.


This needs to include Video, RSS+XML, Images and the related effective ways to show them to a visiting user.





Personal Details


Name: Barry Carlyon

Project Elements



Out of the box support for,

Image Upload,

Image Thumbnail Generation, possibly using phpThumb, caching of thumbnail,



Lightbox Gallery,

CopperMine Gallery,

Facebook Style Gallery,

I see the creation of a page, and you pick what style of gallery you want, image selection by tag, category, month it appeared in a post.



Post to twitter,

Post to Facebook (news feed),

Easy method to display Blog on Myspace, or MyspaceBlog Integration



Some of this may involve combining several plugins into core.





Schedule of Deliverables



GSoC is roughly a 13 week period

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8


Twitter/Facebook integration


Week 9


Myspace Blog Integration/Feeding

This will require some research, I’m not sure what MySpace offers to developers off the top of my head.

There are some shortcuts such as using a piece of flash to read the blogs XML/RSS feed and generate from that.


Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13





Open Source Development Experience



I contribute (ir)regularly to phpBB, forum software, both as a “modder”, creating and supporting modifications/extra features and assisting users on the forum with posted problems about there own forum, been very busy at Uni this year, hence irregularly.


Last year for GSoC I was working with PHP, on the now aborted one bug tracker to rule them all.


I have/am in the process of building my own Open Source Content Management System written in PHP, CarlyonCMS.





Work/Internship Experience



Only freelance web development work, on stand alone sites and the Facebook Platform, for Applications.


And of course GSoC last year.


I also volunteer at Leeds Student Radio, I am currently Head of Web Development





Academic Experience



I am currently in my Second Year, studying New Media at the University of Leeds, UK.





Why WordPress?



Basically its difficult to find projects to match my skills set since GSoC tends to have projects that require code to run continuously not single run code like a website.


I nearly applied for WordPress last year, however I came in a little late and applied during the extended application period.







GSoC is an interesting platform, however it can be difficult to find a project, that fits my skill set, I’m not a programming in the sense that one builds a programme to run continuously, but more of a coder who builds websites.


I was the recent winner of the Gary Frisch Bursary for Software in radio, for my Open Source Content Management System, which currently runs the (Leeds Student Radio) website, ( This CMS (Carlyon CMS) I will use to form the basis of the web based Client.


I used to be able to program perl, but of late have not had the chance to practice it so my perl is rusty, I am currently learning Ruby on Rails and Coldfusion as well.


My aim in life is to continue working in the Multi Platform Radio Environment in the UK, which is pretty much what I do at the moment as a Volunteer at where I am Head of Web Development.


Last year I was involved with the Now Aborted, One Bug Tracker to Rule them all Project over at PHP.

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