Live at Leeds 2010

Live at Leeds, is an event celebrating Music, that comes from or is based in Leeds, so as many bands and Leeds venues as possible get involved, from The Met to the Elbow Rooms, and the Cockpit to the Nation of Shopkeepers.

Live at Leeds has a diverse range of bands which often finds people travelling from one side of leeds to another to see specific bands or is some cases, picking a handful of venues and seeing most of the bands, (Leeds Uni is obviously easy since three venues in a small area, with the met just down the road too).

And this year Leeds Uni is offering up its three venues, Mine, Stylus and the Refectory, to the Bands of Leeds.

I’m currently sat in Stylus with Holy State on stage, having just had a break post doing the lighting for Lightspeed Champion. Quite good fun! Will be lighting Loops Haunt next, which from the technical specs sounds like an interesting Synth based DJ, since he brings his own laptop and just needs a pair of stereo audio channels from us.

Stylus is also hosting the Aftershow party which is good for the Union, and hopefully good for Live at Leeds too this year!

Time to go… 🙂