H3W Problems

So I’m an Administrator/Forum Tech over at Halo 3 Wheelmen we recently had to move servers as the free server we were on, was over loading, and taking resources away from sites hosted on it that paid to be there.

In part due to the fact that H3W were featued on Bungie Favourites, and in part due to my Shoutbox (IRC Style PHP Driven chat), munching BandWidth.

So we changed servers, now with GoDaddy, same thing just happened, amusingly GoDaddy just CHMOD’ed the file to 000 (and locked it so I can’t change it back) and so it stopped working auto magically.

So for now we are using my dev version shoutbox for LSRfm.com over on Katie such fun, gonna have to recode and host of 360gaming.net we shall see!

Anywho back to work, GSoC Application(s) to work on.

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  1. 16:17, 31st March, 2009WillyPete  / Reply

    Sadface, Barry…and I had something else I was wondering if I could get your help with…but it looks as if you will have your hands full for the time being.

    P.S. I Love You

    • 16:20, 31st March, 2009Barry Carlyon  / Reply

      Indeed, very busy this week, but hit me up on my contact form, or MSN and I can get back to you Contact Form

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