GSoC, WordPress and ME!

So I have been accepted onto GSoC for another year!

This year I am working on a Bugtracker, using WordPress as a base, probably working on top of WordPress 3, need to discuss this with my mentor, but I’ve not been well the last couple of days, which was hell for the Station Manager Presentations (well done to @RichLegate btw), and thus I didn’t go to Plasa, tho I am feeling better now 🙂 Hurrah!

Handed in my coursework/dissertation this afternoon!

Now just a Motion Graphics video to finish, and a essay to write.

Not forgetting a dissertation presentation….. Fun

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  1. 17:24, 28th April, 2010Robert O'Connor  / Reply


  2. 05:25, 18th May, 2010Alex Long  / Reply

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    • 22:03, 18th May, 2010Barry Carlyon  / Reply

      We all have to start somewhere, I’m on three or four different advert suppliers now, hopefully over time revenue will increase, but one payout a year would be nice, my limit is set to £25, so hopefully!

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